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"My name is Holly Garcia, and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Circare. Due to Covid 19 my agency went to a remote working status. During this time we wanted to offer some virtual wellness activities for staff as a way to stay connected, and healthy. Shakela with Blend Theory Yoga was instrumental with helping us achieve this mission. She provided weekly virtual yoga sessions for our staff, and I can't thank her enough. Shakela is very knowledgable, and skilled at her craft as a certified yoga instructor. I looked forward to those yoga sessions, and so did our staff. If you are looking to add some yoga to your life Shakela with Blend Theory Yoga is your woman. I would recommend her 100 times over. Thanks again. From the Circare Family." -  Holly Garcia

"Blend Theory has proven to be dedicated to their surrounding community. As a student at Onondaga Community College, I had the chance to collaborate with Shakela for a virtual yoga event. It was truly a joy to meet Shakela and I was inspired by her dedication to her business. She truly radiates joy to everyone she meets and instructs. I highly recommend taking a class from her." - Hope Spencer

"I find Shakela's yoga classes to be challenging, affirming and an opportunity to connect with others. I look forward to her BIPOC and Affirmation classes." - Shadayvia Wallace

"Blend Theory makes the best smoothies. The customer service was excellent. While awaiting for my order, the owner engaged in conversation with each customer.  I would highly recommend this business to everyone." - Janice Brown

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