Owner, Certified Yoga Instructor

& Wellness Advocate

Blend Theory is a community wellness concept inspired by my life, inspirational thought leaders and health-conscious healers. As a registered yoga teacher and lifelong wellness advocate, I believe in the power of movement and

food as medicine.


Since my childhood, staying active and making smoothies have been foundational in my understanding of what it means to be healthy. Now, my idea of health and wellness has expanded into creating a community that promotes wellness in a positive and self-expressive way.

Blend Theory encourages radical self-care by educating underserved communities how to intentionally tune into their body with every move they make.


In my practice, I am mindful of those with health conditions and injuries because of my own experience with both.

The body stores trauma, and I actively try to explore and cultivate this mind-body connection through my service.

I encourage people to practice Blend Theory through their nutrition and wellness practice so that we can build a stronger community together. 

Shakela Freeman

Owner, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate

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